About the Industrial Park

Strategic Geographic Location


  • The industrial park is located in Cahul, 3901, Griviței Highway.
  • It is in an industrial area next to the R34 national highway.
  • Cahul is connected to Romania through 2 customs post: Cahul-Oancha and Gurgulesti-Galats. It ties with Ukraine through the customs post Gurgulesti-Reni. Available routes are road, rail and sea.
  • The sea and river routes are provided by the international port of Gurgulesti (45 km).
  • The municipality of Cahul is the only one in Moldova that has access to the Black Sea through the Danube coast.

Benefits for Industrial Park Residents

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The right to privatize land for building at a preferential price

The right to privatize state-owned land for buildings construction is granted at the preferential price that was established at the time of its transfer to the management company of the industrial park for use or for rent to residents of the industrial park. The right can be realized only after the purchasing or leasing of commissioned production and related buildings and structures in accordance with the Law on the Standard Price and method of land purchase and sale. Look for details in article 11, paragraph 3, point c. That is the Law on industrial parks No. 182 of 15.07.2010.

Decreased number of state inspections of residents' activities

Optimization of state control over the residents’ activities is possible due to the conducting scheduled inspections in accordance with the annual schedule that was approved by the government. As for unscheduled inspections, they are conducted with the consent of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure in compliance with the current legislation. Look for details in article 11, paragraph 3, point f. That is the Law on industrial parks No. 182 of 15.07.2010.

Reduction of the price for renting land and buildings

The management company applies a reduction coefficient up to 30% of the annual fee for the lease of state-owned land. It is written In the Law on the standard price and purchase and sale of land or the basic tariff for the annual lease of state-owned land. There is one more law that supports the reduction coefficient. It is the state budget for the year. Look for details in article 11, paragraph 3, paragraph e of the Law on industrial parks No. 182 of 15.07.2010.

The territory of the industrial park is equipped and tied with engineering networks

The entire technical infrastructure is available and works stably.

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  • There is an own substation, its voltage U = 10 kV, approved electrical power: P = 400,000 kW.
  • It occurs in a low-pressure gas distribution system. Gas pressure in the pipeline: P = 0.3 MPa.
  • The planned volume of gas in winter: V = 520 m3 / hour.
  • The planned volume of gas in summer: V = 30 m3/hour.
  • Gas supply system capacity: Q = 800 m3 / hour.
  • Aqueduct network with the possible water flow: W = 38, 50 m3 / h.
  • A sewer network with its own pumping station is available.
  • A network of fire hydrants has a capacity of 30 l / sec.
  • The territory is covered with paved roads with two ways to the national road R34 highway.



  • Production, storage, and other buildings;
  • Land lease;
  • Access to roads, water, sewage system, natural gas, electricity, etc;
  • Territory security;
  • Building and installation services (with a request);
  • Building constructions in compliance with customer's specifications;
  • Consulting, technical, legal, accounting, and advertising services;
  • Making the construction documentation in compliance with the law;
  • Garbage collection;
  • Loading and unloading of industrial equipment, provision of cargo transport;
  • Landscaping works like snow removal, cleaning of green spaces, etc.

Expansion Plans

Plan Park Industrial fin

  • office and industrial buildings;
  • exhibition hall;
  • conference hall and meeting room;
  • public catering (canteen);
  • hotel.

Companies that are interested in working on the territory of the industrial park Sudinvest in Cahul and using all the offered services can fill out an application for participation and send it to the email address info@sudinvest.md.

Please contact us to get more information.

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