The project of the Cahul Industrial Park has appeared in 2014. The first step was the idea of creating an Industrial Park with a delimited territory in the Southern region of the Republic of Moldova. It had to have all the infrastructure for economic activity in the mode of a special object to maximize the use of the human and economic potential of the region.

Cahul Industrial Park is located on the territory of the former Cahul Cheese factory. That is on the Griviţei Highway. Its area is 5,892 hectares. The territory belongs to the regional government of Cahul.

There are 12 buildings in the area. They are constructed for about 40%. The park was given into use for 30 years to the management company Sud-Invest Company Ltd. The solution to rant the area was signed by the regional government of Cahul on the basis of a competitive program.

Then it was necessary to describe the urgency of an industrial park. The documentation also took into account the project from technical and financial points of view.

According to Government Resolution No. 106 of February 26, 2016, Sud-Invest Company Ltd received the status of an Industrial Park.

Sud-Invest Company and the regional government of Cahul could create the project documentation of engineering networks and public infrastructure for the industrial park. The next step was submitting an application for participation in the Competition of Project proposals of the National Fund for Regional Development for 2017-2020. It was the project "Sustainable development of the Cahul Industrial Park as a business support structure of regional significance" for the building of engineering networks (sewerage, water, electricity, roads, infrastructure, etc.) that was approved for financing.

The Industrial Park announced the finishing of work on the construction of technical infrastructure and went into full operation mode in 2021.

The management company supports the residents of the Park, to help them maximize their efficiency. There are many offers for different companies. The list of services is always increases and that is adapted to the residents’ activity. You can see the list in Services.

It is necessary to give the request to get services for the organization of construction and registration of documents for the commissioning of production and commissioning.

Also, on request, construction and installation services, workshops can be offered. All services are proposed in compliance with the technical conditions of the applicants.

The process of choosing future residents is also focused on the products and services offered in the industrial park that do not harm the environment and do not produce loud noise and vibration.

The location of the Sudinvest Industrial Park is extremely favorable for the development of production, see Location.

We will create a favorable environment for investment together!

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